Amegas (Smash 16)


Flott spill til Amiga. Tilhører sjangeren "bat'n'ball" og ligner på klassikeren Arkanoid. Objektet er i fin stand og fungerer som det skal.

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Amegas features true arcade quality graphics, amazingly addictive gameplay, brilliant digitised sound effects and an amazing sampled soundtrack.

The ultimate 'breakout' variant, battle your way through forty levels of frantic arcade action.

Top German Magazine ASM, said: 'It's a hit!'. They awarded Amegas their highest accolade the ASM HIT. In the UK Computer and Video Games, echoed ASMs feelings:

'...there are a number of additional features worthy of note...Another unique feature of Amegas, is the generator block. When one of these is hit, it disappears, only to produce one, or a group of blocks elsewhere, which in turn may produce still more.'