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Lyra 3 Keyboard Adapter - PS/2 - Amiga 1200


Pent brukt Lyra 3 PS/2 keyboard adapter til Amiga 1200 selges. Har testet den og den fungerte slik den skulle. Manual følger med.

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Lyra 3 replaces the older versions of Lyra. It addresses numerous suggestions made by customers during past few years. This internal version for the A1200 is plugged over the keyboard controller chip and comes with a backplate-mountable connector for the PS2 keyboard that allows installation in a tower case.

Lyra 3 is compatible with all PS/2 keyboards and USB keyboards that support the PS/2 protocol (these are easily identified by the adapter that's shipped with the keyboard). Lyra 3 is also perfect for use with a KVM switch.

Lyra 3 lets you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard. While the older Lyra versions only had the choice of two keymaps, Lyra 3 lets you do distinct changes to the keymap for certain keys, giving you lots of options that would require a lot of different keymaps, but also a lot of jumpers. Lyra 3 makes it s lot simpler, as it does not use any jumpers. All configuration data is stored in flash memory of the adapter.