Amiga Future - CD 87 - Spill, demoer, programmer Vis større

Amiga Future - CD 87 - Spill, demoer, programmer


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CoverCD contents:

Alien Target, Desert Wolf, Erik, Game Smith Development System, Gasal, Lazarus, Morton Strikes Back, Morton Strikes Back AGA, Og! (Trog!), Pinomania, Terminte TCP, TextEngine
(The full versions that are on the CD are supplied for free, as is, and without any guarantee, warranty or support of any kind.)

Public Domain:
Classic: 2D_ATcad, A71BackUp, A71Mail, Africa, AllKeys, amigakeyremapper, amigang-1941-extreme, amigang-jhead-2.901, amigang-tetris1, AmiUpdateSP, AntiFlow-1.0, autorun, BitchX-11, cddb-glue, Chain_Gang, codesets-6.12, coex, cybershow95a, dvdauthor-os3, dvdauthor, EdimaxCfg, execlibrary, ezaMaze, gfxlib_428b9, GooniesRM, Helios_0.4-svn_r560, HotCorner-1.0, iBatch, im-tools, Installer, KidLock-1.1, mkfile, NetSurf-m68k, netsurf, NoLed_3.0, OctiX, OpenURL-7.8, OpenWinURL, photoalbum66, pp-tools, RandomBackdrop, ReportPlus, rocksndiamonds-, Roman_Wheel, rtmpdump, sdlroids-1.3.4, sopwith, Time-Waster, TrackerHeroAGA, Transfer, TriCon, ucommand_v1, webpconv, webp_dt, WormWars, xad_7z, XCenter, xzdec, YAM26p1-AmigaOS3, z_library,
AROS: lbreakout2-i386-aros.tar, publbreakout2-i386-aros.tar, supertux-aros, xrick-021212-aros-i386.tar, YAM26p1-AROS-i386, YAM26p1-AROS-ppc, YAM26p1-AROS-x86_64,
MorphOS: installpack, YAM26p1-MorphOS,
OS4: 1941-extremedx, armagetronadv, autorun, awin, cabextract_OS4, cliftpy.tar, contextmenus_fr, cubebm, d64_fs, dcraw, gnufind, granite, jhead_os4, lame, libiconv, netsurf_icons, prefscenter, project-smc, samdos_fs, times, xad_7z, xad_fs, YAM26p1-AmigaOS4,

Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 7 and 8