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Chess - A Challenging Board Game from Acornsoft - Acorn Electron


Dette er et sjakkspill til Acorn Electron. Kommer i eske og på kassett. Esken er i pen stand. Utgitt av Acornsoft Limited i 1983.

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A Challenging Board Game on cassette for the Acorn Electron.

A chess-playing program with a high-resolution graphics display of the board, and the following features:

- Play white or black against the computer, or play against another player, or in auto-mode the computer plays against itself.
- 10 levels of play, giving novice to professional standards
- Computer moves in twenty seconds at lowest level
- Board display with joystick, cursor or co-ordinate entry of moves and rejection of illegal moves
- Plays according to current FIDE-ratified rules and displays moves as standard FIDE notation
- Continous clock display for tournement chess
- Allows any position to be set up, and 'mate in n'problems to be solved

This program has been designed to support both joysticks and a printer when available.